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1) Precision forgings of transmission synchronizer engagement gear/gear ring series
(Including manual transmission 5MT, 6MT, DCT synchronizer engagement gear and gear shaft precision forgings)

Up to now, there are over 300 models developed and manufactured, supplied to 15 OEMs. Synchronizer engagement tooth of over 100 models are supplied as per 100%, Chongqing Chuangjing precision monoblock gear series product Ranked First in domestic market share.  

1. Compare the forging press fit with the sub-body structure and sub-structure combination of welding gear :

◆ high strength, reliability, and can stop completely the welding process Weld, loose weld phenomenon, the product of safety is good;

◆ Reducing machining sequence, improving the production efficiency and reducing the logistics process and the site occupancy, reducing the input of machining equipment;

◆ Shifting resistance, shifting more smoothly;

◆ Spline tooth is forming, metal flow lines are not cut, mechanical strength increased wear resistance.

2. Performance index of precision formed conjunction gear.

◆ Involute spline of cylinder gear has reached national percision level 6(GB/T3478.1-1995).

◆ Runout precision of gear ring is Frs≤0.06mm.

◆ Precision of reversed cone angle is within ±30′.

◆ Mechanical strength has increased 25%.

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