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Manufacturing capacity
Company currently has 2000T hot die forging full-automatic press production line, five 1600T and five 1000T hot die forging press production lines, ten 400T/630T electric screw press production lines, eleven 300T-1000T cold forging production lines, which totaled in120 sets of processing equipment for before and after heating. Also, it equipped with AICHELIN carburizing and quenching furnace, isothermal normalizing continuous line and other heat treatment facilities. It has full die processing machine which guarantees self mold design and produce. The annual production capacity is about10 millions conjunction gear parts.
2000T hot die forging full-automatic press
AICHELIN multifuction heat treatment furnace
Machining automatic line
JiangDong YJS61-1000B hydraulic press
Japan imports solidck AG400L/LN2W slow-feeding nc wire-cut machine Machining dimensions precision ≤±3um
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