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Chongqing Chuangjing Warm Forging Forming company has been founded in 2002 , changed on the system of precision forging factory of the No.59 Institute of China Ordnance , which is engaging in researching and experiment of special press in forging field, so as to provide technique support for national war industrial product. It takes the experts and professors who are of high skill for this technique power. The company has been honored as National high-tech enterprises. It has established “Chongqing Gear Parts Precision Forming Mechanical Engineering R&D Center ”, ............etc.


Precision forgings of transmission synchronizer engagement gear/gear ring series
Automatic transmission parts-Parking system parts

Precision forging series of initiative, passive belt wheel and wheel shaft for vehicle CVT automatic transmission

External input shaft (hollow shaft) products
New energy automobile motor series products-Drive motor shaft series products
Bevel gear, Automobile clutch,Automobile wheel, vehicle transmission, Automobile knuckle mechanic series products
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